How to pay by Credit Card

We utilise PayPal as our preferred payment processor due to the large number of people that feel safe using such a well known service to pay for your plants. However we understand that not everyone has or wants to open a PayPal account. So can you use your Credit Card to pay for your plants rather than having to create a PayPal account - of course you can!

Once you have chosen your plants, and have checked out of the store you're taken accross to the PayPal site to complete the transaction and pay. Don't fear, using your Credit Card is simple! Just scroll down the PayPal page and on the right click the link entitled "Pay with credit or debit card". Here's a idea how it will look -




When you click the "Pay with credit or debit card" link you'll be presented with a normal credit card transaction form, including your name address and credit card details. This will not create a PayPal account for you, it will only allow you to pay for the one transaction. We do not store any of your Credit Card details. Should you return to us and purchase more plants then you'll need to follow the same process, and complete the form once more.


Here's an example of the Credit Card form -